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Avalon Marquee

What is Avalon?

‘The Avalon Marquee’ is our innovative new event venue that brings together stunning aesthetics, engineering brilliance and weather-proofing all in one great package. All that along-with a vast landscape, a capacity to accommodate up to 800 guests, an ideal location On Islamabad Expressway near PSO pump, and plenty of parking-space with valet parking facility, it is the perfect solution for your private and corporate event needs. At its heart lies our revolutionary new marquee that makes all the difference.

So what is so special about this marquee? Well let us just say it is something rather different. It is as much a hall as it is a tent, as much fixed as it is removable, as much flexible as it is durable and as much brilliant a design as it is beautiful. In short it is a complete solution to your event needs with all the flexibility that you want from tents plus all the facilities that you require of halls. It is what we call a ‘Structure Tent’, a pillar-less structure that is specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining the aesthetic sophistication that is expected of a top class event venue. 


It is a hundred percent ‘weather proof’ structure. Made out of a carefully engineered solid aluminum frame firmly fixed into the ground, it is specifically conceived to resist high winds. It is then covered with water-resistant and fire-repellant PVC fabric which is designed to slide into the frame, creating leak-proof ceiling and walls. The marquee does not absorb any water and instead directs it neatly down the firm slopes of its ceiling.


While from outside The Avalon Marquee is a show of engineering brilliance, its interior is an archetype of decorative finesse. We have carefully designed Avalon’s interior appearance to out-do that of any other venue that you have seen in the Twin Cities. The inner ceiling is fitted with beautiful Satin lining falling gracefully off of the top, laying the basis for a grand interior makeup. Diffused lighting has artfully been arranged in order to attain a well balanced and refined ambiance. The interior is also absolutely pillar-less, thus giving you an un-obstructed view of the entire 85 x 200 ft. space.


All of this is done keeping in view your diverse tastes. Unlike the rigidly constructed halls and other venues, Avalon has been designed recognizing your requirement to customize and personalize your event to your own liking. Therefore, despite all the strength and firmness of its structure, we have preserved the flexibility to mold Avalon’s interior into anything that you may want. There is ample opportunity for designers and decorators to express their creative freedom and conveniently transform the interior according to the wishes of our clients.

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