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Corporate Events

Your brand image is our brand image  and we make sure that we combine creativity with professionalism in expressing your brand image in your corporate events.
The process is simple, we sit down and analyze what you want to achieve with an event. May it be pleasing a foreign delegation or impressing important political or social figures. We make sure all your PR is given that special attention that gets you appreciation, phone calls and letters.

Rules and regulations

1.  25% of the total bill amount is required as token at the time of booking. An additional 50% of the total bill is required as advance one week prior to the event. Without a total of 75 % advance, booking will not be considered as confirmed.

2. Round table sitdown buffet is charged @ Rs. 25 per head.

3. Soft drinks, juices, mineral water, tandoor, fans, gas heater, generaters and water proof marquees/canopies are charged extra.

4. Stage decoration, floral arrangements and decorative lighting are not part of package.

5. Changes in menu, arrangements or number of persons must be informed at least 2 days before the function.

6. Extra Charges shall be applicable in case of our staff has to stay longer than normal service timings.

7. Cancellation charges are applicabe @ (1) 25% 2 days before (2) 15% 7 days before (3) 5% 15 days before the function.

8. All corporate events are booked only after we have received a detailed work order, in which the client agrees to the menu, arrangements, pricing, terms and conditions.
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