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Event Checklist

We suggest that you start getting reservations done, three months before planned events, in order to avoid regrets from service providers. Following is a checklist to aid you in your planning process:

Decide the event date

+ Compile your guest list and come up with a tentative guest count

+ Have your event venue booked (three months before the event)

+ Have your date reserved with a caterer by paying token money

+ Order invitation cards for printing

+ Have your booking confirmed with a Stage Decorator

+ Have your booking confirmed with a photographer and a videographer

+ Have your reservation confirmed with the caterer. Decide your menu and other booking details and pay 75 % advance.

+ Have a music system / DJ booked

+ Send out Invitations and Venue Maps

+ Have a final chat with the caterer and make necessary adjustments to your booking (One week before the event)
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