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Our Services

Wedding Events

We know all about the exciting little chores that family members have to handle while preparing for a wedding. With so much already going on in their minds; planning and arranging for themes, lights, food, carpets, and venues sometimes becomes a bit too tedious.
Corporate Events

Your brand image is our brand image and we make sure that we combine creativity with professionalism in expressing your brand image in your corporate events.
Get - Togethers

How many times have you been in a situation when you are calling guests over, the list is getting bigger and you're not sure if you can handle it all by yourselves.
Food Only

Food Only  is a service that perfectly suites your small get together needs. If you are planning a small event and don?t want to spoil the fun with tiresome cooking, just book a Food Only with us and we can deliver the food right at your doorstep.
Food park

Ever feel like having Hanif Rajput's juicy bar-b-q and traditional dishes, but don't have an event coming? Visit our food kiosk at Melody Food Park, Islamabad, for a dinner with the same great taste and affordable prices.

The Avalon Marquee’ is our innovative new event venue that brings together stunning aesthetics, engineering brilliance and weather-proofing all in one great package. All that along-with a vast landscape, a capacity to accommodate up to 800 guests, an ideal location near Chak Shehzad, and plenty of parking-space, it is the perfect solution for your private and corporate event needs. At its heart lies our revolutionary new marquee that makes all the difference.